giovedì 4 novembre 2010

Science fiction tells us all laws are local -- just like the Web

Dedicato a Jack Vance:

"My latest Locus column, "A Cosmopolitan Literature for the Cosmopolitan Web," is up: it's a piece on the way that science fiction's insistence that all laws are local prefigures the web's weird and wonderful diversity:
One of science fiction's greatest tricks is playing ''vast, cool intelligence'' and peering through a Martian telescope aimed Earthwards and noticing just how weird and irrational we all are. At its best, science fiction is a literature that can use the safe distance of an alien world or a distant future as a buffer-zone in which all mores can be called into question - think, for example, of Theodore Sturgeon's story of the planet of enthusiastic incest-practitioners, ''If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?'' published in Dangerous Visions in 1967 [....] Read more

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