mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

TMI: Fear, Fukushima and Facts

Come richiesto dall'autore, condivido questo post:
"Thirty-two years ago today, I noticed that things were odd at our pre-school. The teachers had drawn the blinds closed in a few rooms and at least one of the other kids had had his mom pick him up in a big wood-sided station wagon before the day was actually over. I didn't really know much more about what was going on, or why the day was strange, until years later I read much more about the accident at Three Mile Island and realized that since my pre-school and my home were just ten miles from the reactor meltdown, it's surprising that the parents of our classroom full of three year olds weren't more disturbed.
The accident's been on my mind a lot lately since the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan has put the Fukushima plant at risk. Beyond the obvious parallels, one thing that's stuck with me is that, aside from being a very young kid at the time, I hadn't originally known very much about what the hell actually happened at Three Mile Island [...]" Read more

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